We make hosting a TOC ROX bracelet fundraiser easy for any church, school, organization, or individual!


  1. You, the host, choose an already qualified children’s charity from our website or sign up your own favorite charity for consideration as the beneficiary of your fundraising event.
  2. Upon qualification of your chosen charity, TOC will add your charity of choice to our website as a beneficiary.
  3. TOC will send you, the host, a customized marketing/order form to allow you to take bracelet orders and collect donations in person at your fundraising event.
  4. You, the host, will send us all your order forms and donation checks made out to The Orphan Campaign Gives and we will fill your orders and deliver your bracelets to you, the host.
  5. For every bracelet order accompanied by a $10 donation check, one five-charm bracelet is delivered to you, the host, who then distributes the bracelet to the corresponding donor.
  6. With the donated funds, The Orphan Campaign purchases basic supplies for your charity of choice and also supports you, the host, for your time and efforts according to this breakdown of funds: $4 raised for your chosen charity, $1 raised for your organization.*

If you would like to sign up to be a host of a fundraiser using TOC ROX charm bracelets and to order your customized marketing/order form, sign up here.

*Hosts may choose to forgo compensation to ensure the maximum dollar amount goes to their charity of choice. We understand that there are many types of fundraisers that each Host could run and because of that we want to provide your organization an opportunity to benefit from each bracelet. The distribution is completely up to you!